Clovechok emphasizes the economy and jobs as the campaign begins

As the campaign shifts into gear, BC Liberal Doug Clovechok says he is focusing on job creation and economic growth.

Local BC Liberals like Barry Ozero and Peter Bernacki are busy campaigning for their candidate Doug Clovechok. They spent much of Tuesday putting up signs all over town. The BC general election campaugn officially began on April 11. The people go to vote on May 9. Please click on the image to see a larger version. David F. Rooney photo

“I’m thinking a lot about the future,” he says. “BC is first in Canada for economic growth and job creation, but there is a lot more work to do in Columbia River-Revelstoke, so everyone can find a good-paying, family-supporting job.”

Clovechok said in a statement that only a BC Liberal government can “keep our economy strong and growing, with a government MLA inside of it who can effectively represent you to make sure your voice and concerns are heard in Victoria.”

The election campaign launch began Tuesday, April 11, and here in Columbia River-Revelstoke it appears to be well organized with scores of volunteers working out of campaign offices here in Revelstoke, Golden, Invermere and Kimberley.

“I have spent the past four years working to help people from Kimberley to Revelstoke on issues that matter to them, and build stronger communities for our families,” Clovechok said. “Since May, my wife Susan and I have logged over 25,000 kilometres of travel across the riding to share the BC Liberals’ plan to put British Columbians first by controlling government spending, keeping taxes low, and creating jobs through a strong, diverse economy so we can invest in the things that matter to British Columbians, and people here in Columbia River-Revelstoke.”

Clovechok will be bringing that message to Revelstoke next when he arrives here to knock on doors, talk with business owners and participate in the Revelstoke Provincial Election All-Candidates Forum on April 19.

All four candidates — BC Liberal Doug Clovechok, New Democrat Gerry Taft, Independent Justin Hooles and Green Samson Boyer — will participate in the forum at the Community Centre on Thursday, April 20, from 7 – 9 pm.

Order of Canada member Geoff Battersby will moderate the forum. All candidates will have two minutes for introductory remarks, followed by three minutes to answer each question put to them. They’ll also each have one minute for rebuttals and two minutes for closing statements.

The forum is sponsored by the all of the local news media — The Review, The Current, The Mountaineer, Easy Rock, Reved and Stoke FM. If you have a question you’d like the different candidates to answer please send them to [email protected] before Monday, April 17.


2 Responses to “Clovechok emphasizes the economy and jobs as the campaign begins”
  1. ber says:

    I would like to thank you Doug for helping to get $700,000 for improvements to enter our great city!
    And the $50,000 for the helicopter pad. And special thanks to all fundraisers they made this possible

    Peter Bernacki

    • Nick says:

      I trust the Liberals won’t accuse anyone else of trying to buy votes. The deluge of press announcements of government funds being splashed out just before the election was really disgusting. The Ministry of Transportation issued nearly 5 times as many news releases last month than any other March in the last 6 years. (Isn’t it curious that the funding for the Roundabout that was built last year just happened to be announced at the last minute before the election.) Pre-election advertising using government funds in my opinion.