Fifth and sixth candidates now on the ballot

By David F. Rooney

Two more candidates will now be on the ballot in Columbia River-Revelstoke for the May 9 provincial general election.

Duncan Boyd MacLeod of Kimberley is running as an independent while Rylan Kashuba of Invermere is running as a Libertarian. They join BC Liberal Doug Clovehcok, New Democrat Gerry Taft, the Green Party’s Samson Boyer and Independent Justin Hooles. Six candidates make this a crowded race.

Duncan Boyd MacLeod

Duncan MacLeod thought long and hard about running for office. In fact, he did not make up his mind until last Thursday, April 13.

“I don’t want to be a politician,” he told The Current on Wednesday evening.  “I love my job (he’s an educator and recruits international students to study in the school of our constituency’s cities and towns)… and will be sorry to leave it if I am elected.  My decision to run is rooted in the belief that…  people aren’t voting because democracy in Canada, both federally and provincially, isn’t working.  I am devoting myself to changing that.”

He thinks his background in Canadian history and political science can help him do that.  “Like many constituents in our riding and throughout our province, I have for most of my adult life chosen to make my voice heard by remaining silent; to exercise my franchise by not casting a ballot; and to avoid complicity by remaining complacent,” McLeod said.  “My children are now beginning to enter adulthood.  They are set to inherit a political system I have for the most part shunned and a crisis of governance I have indignantly ignored.  I realized recently that I owe them more than that. We all do.”

MacLeod’s job has taken to most places in Columbia River-Revelstoke and that has enabled him to meet many people from different backgrounds. Consequently, while the focus of his campaign is, he says, “the issue that matters most:  democracy reform.  To a great extent, all of the other issues we as candidates will be discussing can be traced to that one all-encompassing need: to fix how we campaign, how we elect, and how we govern.  It is through that lens that I will engage all of the other issues that I know matter to and will make a difference for constituents in our riding including but not limited to timely access to healthcare, education funding, daycare availability and affordability, mental health and addiction support, poverty reduction, wildlife management, BC Hydro costs, ICBC rates, environment protection, and provincial debt reduction… the list is long and the opportunities to innovate, improve, and evolve are many.”

While MacLeod does intend to be a serious candidate and will

Rylan Kashuba

attend tonight’s Revelstoke All-Candidates’ Forum, which starts at 7 pm at the Community Centre, Kashuba was not invited. He told Cranbrook’s The Drive FM/B104 he doesn’t intend to do any campaigning. He said much the same thing to another East Kootenay radio station and said he will not be running a formal campaign and considers himself a “paper candidate.” We saw no point in inviting someone who is not a serious candidate to the forum.

The forum’s organizers — Alex Cooper of The Review, Shaun Aquiline of Ex Rock, Aaron Orlando of The Mountaineer, Peter Worden of Reved and I — have selected 10 questions from a pool of 25 that were suggested by members of the public. Here is a list of the general topic areas:

1) The environment and conservation;
2) The nature of political representation;
3) Economic development and the environment;
4) Urban vermin;
5) Health care;
6) Poverty reduction;
7) The lumber industry; and
8) Marijuana legalization

The forum will be moderated by Geoff Battersby. A timing device will be used to ensure that none of the candidates go over the time limits. They will each have 3 minutes for their opening statement and 2 minutes to answer each question. At the conclusion of the questions they will each have one minute to make a rebuttal and will each have 2 minutes for a closing statement.

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