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Welcome to The Revelstoke Current’s five-day-a-week feature, A Chuckle A Day.  This presents some of the best comic — and some not-so-comic, but always interesting — images and texts on the Internet. We hope you enjoy them…

 Friday bonus weekend

How Do They Decide the Age When You Become an Adult?

When do you become an adult? Kids think they are as smart as adults, and middle-aged people say they still don’t “feel” adult. Maturity is a gradual process, a spectrum in which wisdom is hard to pin down.  The question of when someone is mature “enough” for certain responsibilities has legal ramifications, so we set an age. A number to determine when a person is mature enough to make adult decisions will never be applicable to everyone, but in large societies, we need to treat people equally.( Via Miss Cellania)

 May 19

 May 18

 May 17

 May 16

May 15


Monday morning kickstarter

We slice-and-dice an Etch-a-Sketch

We <strong>cut open</strong> an Etch-a-Sketch to see what’s inside! Such a classic game and so interesting to see how it works!



5 Responses to “A chuckle a day…”
  1. Xassandra del Arboles says:

    This Chuckle section often makes my day but, today, it reminds me of Sesame Street’s fun phrasing “One of these things is not like the other one” – I’m crying over the the Good Old Days Trump clip while thanking the Benevolent Universe that it looks like his ugly American anachronism approach has backfired right into HIS second ammendment 😉

  2. Ms. Anne Throap says:

    Bohemian Raphsody, library style….? Absolutely brilliant.
    Who says librarians are a stuffy bunch. Anybody who likes Queen music is quite hip.
    Now, how about AC DC for city councillors? Dunderstruck.

  3. RiverSpirit says:

    Thanks much for the tribute to our local library Queens – their harmoniousness is certainly notable!!

  4. RiverSpirit says:

    Thanks David! The beagle/pizza may relieve some of my despair at our Southern Cousins choice yesterday for Big Cheese of the Republic.

  5. Steve Bender says:

    Great pick David. I nominate that clip for the Stupid Human Trick, of the year award.

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